The Genre of Sci-Fi

This essay was a piece of work I had in collage and due to its relevance to this website, i decided to post it here. Enjoy! The Science fiction or Sci-Fi genre, is the genre takes place in an alternate reality and is about the future. It’s different to fantasy as it make us believe […]

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Film Review – Warm Bodies

Romeo And Juliet with Zombies I’ve been watching the BBC’s comedy Upstart Crow about William Shakespeare. This got me thinking about his works, which reminded me of a film:Warm Bodies.  It has been suggested to me by many people but until now I haven’t got round to wathcing it. Warm Bodies is directed by Jonathan Levine […]

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Film Review – Next Gen

Everything Big Hero 6 Could’ve Been I watched this film when I came home from work, I was a bit tired and had seen this film’s teasers on Twitter so I thought “why not?”.  I was impressed; Netflix has a track record of making “meh” films but this impressed me, it’s not without flaws but […]

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Film Review – Baby Driver

One Of The Best Action Movies I’ve Ever Seen Baby Driver is directed by Edger Wright, as such, it’s a masterpiece of visual filmography. Aside from this, it is a touching story about a young man and how he fixes the mistakes he made. The film follows Baby (Ansel Elgort), a guy with a knack […]

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Film Review – Passengers

The new Titanic – where it doesn’t sink Morten Tyldum’s sci-fi love story “Passengers” follows the story of Jim Preston (Chris Prat) and Aurora Lane (Jennifer Laurence) after they wake up 90 years early on the way the new colony planet, “Homestead 2”. The Film’s main conflict is the growing love between Jim and Aurora […]

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