The Genre of Sci-Fi

This essay was a piece of work I had in collage and due to its relevance to this website, i decided to post it here. Enjoy! The Science fiction or Sci-Fi genre, is the genre takes place in an alternate reality and is about the future. It’s different to fantasy as it make us believe […]

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Film Review – Warm Bodies

Romeo And Juliet with Zombies I’ve been watching the BBC’s comedy Upstart Crow about William Shakespeare. This got me thinking about his works, which reminded me of a film:Warm Bodies.  It has been suggested to me by many people but until now I haven’t got round to wathcing it. Warm Bodies is directed by Jonathan Levine […]

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Film Review – Next Gen

Everything Big Hero 6 Could’ve Been I watched this film when I came home from work, I was a bit tired and had seen this film’s teasers on Twitter so I thought “why not?”.  I was impressed; Netflix has a track record of making “meh” films but this impressed me, it’s not without flaws but […]

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