Film Review – Baby Driver

One Of The Best Action Movies I’ve Ever Seen

Baby Driver is directed by Edger Wright, as such, it’s a masterpiece of visual filmography. Aside from this, it is a touching story about a young man and how he fixes the mistakes he made. The film follows Baby (Ansel Elgort), a guy with a knack for driving, who finds himself in a bad situation as the getaway driver for a crime boss nicknamed Doc (Kevin Spacey (oops) ). After finding the girl of his dreams, Debora (Lily James), he tries to leave but it doesn’t go to plan.

Wright shows the story brilliantly through visuals. The opening 6 minutes used in the trailer explains it all.babydriver 4

The opening scene shows us Baby’s feelings and attitude to crime as well as Baby’s relationship to the characters – primarily to Grif (Jon Bernthal) and Buddy (Jon Hamm) – crew members. Before we even see anything we hear a high pitched tone, this is related to Baby’s tinnitus – although we the viewer doesn’t know this, we have the idea planted in our head. Now we see the start of the scene which – all the characters sitting quietly in the car, Grif looking questionably at Baby chewing gum in beat with the music. The crew get out, excluding Baby, with everything in time to the music including but not limited to the footsteps and sounds of the cars honking by. The camera stays with baby due to him the main focus of view of the film (the story is about Baby and the we will be watching from Baby’s perspective) when the rest of the crew are out of sight, Baby starts acting like a board school boy dancing with the music. However he is interrupted by a passing a police car cutting into his foolery, drawing his attention to the bank-robbery in action. The robbery is at a distance and seemingly unfocused. the camera is the closest it has been to Baby’s face so far, the close up showing the gravity of the situation and what it means to him – this is the conflict of the film, Baby’s uncertainty about to how close this life of crime (although he’s quite distant anyway). The scene moves on to a car chase, with the music makes it feel less serious in a good way, the chase balances out geography and people with more shots inside the car then out. Giving the chase, again, a personal feel. In the chase we see Buddy respect to Baby, hinting towards Buddy’s friendly attitude towards Baby. The the entire opening is genius presenting a the character and overall feel of the film.


One of the main issues I have with the film is how Buddy acts; Buddy throughout the film is friendly and understanding of Baby, however when his wife Darling (Eiza Gonzarlez) dies due to Baby’s actions, Buddy flips and tries to kill Baby’s girlfriend Debora (Lily James) but Buddy likes Baby (They bonded over Queen!). This is meant to be a plot twist (i get this-) but it doesn’t work with the character and we get very little implication this is a possibility apart from the fact Buddy would do anything for Darling. This would be ok if there was more evidence of this being a possibility like Buddy explaining to Baby about “true love”. This brings me to my second problem. Why did Doc help Baby, there was no indication the he cared about anything else other than money before he did this – all we got was a slap dash cliché that is “I was in love once”, I sort of expected more than this. why not have Buddy try to help Baby and Bats (Jamie fox) go after Baby?

baby driver 2.jpg

One thing which I really loved about the film was Baby and his foster dad Joseph (CJ Jones). Joseph can’t talk, he is crippled and mostly deaf – he and baby use sign language to talk. Joseph really cares about Baby and hates him working in this life in crime. Overall their relationship is nothing but touching and personally I prefer Baby’s relationship to Joseph then his relationship with Debora.

End of spoilers

Overall the film is spectacular,  a few of the characters motives and relationships could be worked on but on the whole is great. The music is well-chosen and well composed. The movie was interesting I don’t ever remember getting bored. The film is simply amazing. I would suggest it everyone. I give this movie


Another thing, if anyone likes Noel Fielding – they should watch the the music video the Blue song by Mint Royal. This was also Directed by Edger Wright and you might be able to notice some inspirations.

Thanks for reading, it means a lot. If you see any spelling, grammar or literary mistakes, please tell me. I’m dyslexic and would appreciate this so I may improve.

by Frederic Hall

Facts taken from imdb

One thought on “Film Review – Baby Driver

  1. I disagree that Buddy’s actions seem entirely out of left field. He has a soft spot for baby but its clear that in his mind darling is his soulmate. But you are spot on about Doc that was just weird.


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