Film Review – Warm Bodies

Romeo And Juliet with Zombies

I’ve been watching the BBC’s comedy Upstart Crow about William Shakespeare. This got me thinking about his works, which reminded me of a film:Warm Bodies.  It has been suggested to me by many people but until now I haven’t got round to wathcing it.

Warm Bodies is directed by Jonathan Levine and is about a zombie, R (Nicholas Hoult), who falls in love with a human, Julie (Teresa Palmer), then begins in a journey of turning back into a human with the power of love (I know what your thinking).

There’s this pretty decent scene at the beginning of the film where we get R explaining the origin and life of a zombie, giving the viewer exposition in the form of narration as he walks round an airport. In films set in some sort of apocalyptic-Sci-Fi situation there will have to be some form exposition at some point, however the film does it well to make it funny and simple at the same time as well as putting us in the mind-set of R; a zombie who doesn’t want to be a zombie. Narration is notorious for being difficult to pull off due to being to being seemingly lazy, the film has a nice attempt which is visually interesting with flash backs of the old world. The scenes credits at the opening are in this old Shakespearean style writing for no reason (I will continue this in the spoilers).

The film has fun with narration of whats happening in R’s head, the effect is actually very good however I would have preferred it if they used different ways to convey R’s thoughts, ideally in a more visual way.

this film does know what it is and the film doesn’t take it self too seriously, and instead makes fun of how ridiculous the situation is (it quite literally is a zombie falling in love with a girl). Meanwhile it doesn’t take itself so unseriously as to be a decent film.

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The film follows themes from Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet; the names: R – Romeo, Julie – Juliet, M – Montague, Perry (David Franco) – Paris, as well scenes which mirror Romeo and Juliet like a scene under a balcony and the opening credits are in an old style of writing. It’s a really interesting idea (although really wired) and doesn’t come off as just lazy writing. However I would preferred it if the Shakespearean theme was played up, instead it was neither here nor there and I would enjoy the film more if the films roots in Shakespeare were more clearly defined (they could have at least had a teen suicide).

I like Nicolas Hoult, especially for his performance of Nux in Mad Max Fury Road (George Miller), but in this his zombie isn’t great. He can shuffle across the floor alright but the awkwardness of having to quietly speak in mumbles ruins the effect and Hoult couldn’t do it. This stems from the wired mash of the two genres (which worked better than expected) but makes acting the acting come off wired and unnatural.


I like this film, its overall enjoyable and somewhat creative and turned what would have been a sloppy teen romance into sloppy teen romance with an interesting narrative. The has this dark aesthetic which brightens up as the movie goes on. Overall Igive it


Thanks for reading, it means a lot. If you see any spelling, grammar or literary mistakes, please tell me. I’m dyslexic and would appreciate this so I may improve.

by Frederic Hall

Facts taken from imdb

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